Running a transport operation brings a range of challenges. Safety is your number one priority, but tracking your compliance obligations can be confusing. You want to build your business, and increase profits, but day-to-day demands compete for your attention. A fleet management system helps you streamline your business and gather the information to power your growth:

Ensure Compliance

The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) sets requirements for driver fatigue, mass management and maintenance. Address any shortcomings before they become bigger problems and always have audit information at the ready.

monitor vehicle usage
Decrease Inefficiencies

Real-time data allows you to manage schedules and optimise fleet movements, ensure accurate timesheet reporting and identify problems like excess fuel consumption and idling times.

streamlined billing
Improve Engine Management

Protect and extend the life of your fleet by implementing a preventative maintenance program and installing an engine management device to identify issues and improve driver behaviour.