Your business depends on the ability of your fleet to get from one job to the next as efficiently as possible. Not only does it give you a competitive advantage and increase your profitability, but it allows you to deliver better customer service. Here’s how fleet management software can help:

Devise Better Routes

Real-time visibility of all driver locations makes it easy to understand who should respond to the next service call. With the ability for dispatchers to send turn-by-turn routes to drivers, they can determine the quickest and most fuel-efficient path to their next stop.

monitor vehicle usage
Monitor Vehicle Usage

Understand all activity in your fleet, from fuel usage and co2 emissions to distance travelled. Improve driver behaviour by working with repeat offenders on issues such as speeding or harsh-braking, helping your bottom line and keeping people safer.

streamlined billing
Streamline Billing

Detailed information about time spent or number of engine hours on a site makes it easy to accurately bill customers. You don’t have to dig through scraps of paper and calculate hours either, with reporting available at the touch of a button.