Telstra Track and Monitor™

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Get visibility of your assets like never before.

Reducing operational blind spots that impact on your ability to respond. Never stop to wonder where your things are again with Telstra Track and Monitor™, an Internet of Things (IoT) innovation.

In increasingly competitive and high-pressure markets – where customers are empowered to demand better, faster and cheaper – businesses need new ways to get ahead of the competition. Improving margins, enhancing the customer experience and getting visibility of processes are top priorities. But how do you make headway on any of these without accurately knowing the location and condition of the assets you need to run your business and serve your customers? In the context of decreasing opex budgets do you:

  • Accept limited, inaccurate and out of date asset tracking information? Knowing that things go wrong when you don’t have the full picture…
  • Or do you invest in one priority over the other? But at what expense?

Don’t try to make good decisions on bad data. Don’t choose between priorities. Telstra Track & Monitor gives you visibility of your assets to get ahead on all of your biggest challenges. Its automated asset tracking that is simpler, more cost-efficient and connected in more places than ever before – and it’ll help you tackle your biggest challenges.

Visibility at a glance, detail at a click. Helping you compete, and win.

Location and condition tracking at the click of a button will transform the way you:

Compete on a fast, quality experience that keeps customers coming back
  • Meet, manage and exceed delivery timelines and quality
  • Give customers supply chain assurance and visibility
Compete on optimised processes that get more out of your time and assets
  • Get last known location at the click of a button
  • Have your assets ready and waiting for you
  • Get information on availability to efficiently share, schedule and allocate usage
  • Reallocate your people to focus on work that drives revenue
Compete on improved margins from reduced costs and incremental revenue
  • Manage utilisation so you can buy and maintain fewer assets
  • Reduce lost stock due to damage in transit
  • Remove false economies associated with the opex cost of manual tracking

A Telstra Track and Monitor™ solution is made up of:

Telstra Services
Your Moving Assets
  • Assets of all sizes and value can be efficiently tracked
  • Track across multiple sites and while in transit
icon internet of things
IoT Devices
  • Choose IoT devices based on the cost, battery life, sensors and coverage you need
  • Purchase upfront or via monthly repayments
Cloud Platform
  • The platform makes sense of the data
  • Sends data to be displayed in the Telstra Track and Monitor portal
  • Or via API for integration into your own systems
Telstra Track and Monitor™ network technologies
  • A range of network technology innovations only from Telstra
  • Based on your coverage and cost requirements, choose from:
  • Cat M1 – Australia’s largest LPWAN network [IoT network coverage]
  • Telstra Air ® Wi-Fi – Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network with 1.3M points
  • Bluetooth Community
Telstra Track and Monitor™ portal
  • An intuitive portal visualises geozones and mapped asset location
  • Search for and display detailed information on asset type and history at the click of a button
  • One simple, all-inclusive service charge covers all data carriage and portal access

Seize this opportunity to help your business get ahead. Telstra Track and Monitor™ can help you enhance customer experience, improve your margins, optimise your process.

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